Client: Birmingham big city culture

Birmingham Big City Culture

identity, communications and catalysing the team to compete. The joy of this project was to bring together Birmingham’s cultural offer and focus the internal teams around the simple idea of ‘Big city culture’. The project galvanised the city behind culture- and raised the confidence and recognition that Birmingham is a leader in UK’s cultural landscape. The blogsite lives on as a portal for the city’s diverse culture. Visit their website
client: Mercyships UK

Mercy ships

Knowing the mind and culture of an organisation and its supporters is the most rewarding part of marketing. It enables us to focus the right offers, extend and engage people in new ways through the year. Best of all is watching donations grow and knowing they are used to make other people’s lives stronger. Visit their website
client: Brain Tumour UK

Braintumour uk

How do you communicate with people and engage whose lives are painfully disrupted? BTUK ‘s systematic care and attention, has to be captured in their communications – it’s a fine line between understanding the changing moods of sufferers and their families, being sympathetic to their needs, while also ensuring clear fundraising communications support the ongoing work. Visit their website
Client: Cross Border Capital

CrossBorder Capital

When your key product is knowledge, digital communications offer companies like Crossborder the ability to animate their offer and bring their knowledge and personality alive for their clients. So, they can now showcase their top team via podcasts and share knowledge on a regular and engaging way. Visit their website
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