AMAR Foundation

With a terrible war and conflict with so called Islamic State, Iraq now has 3.3million IDPs and refugees ( 2017). As a small, but effective charity AMAR constantly needs to raise its profile to the public, businesses and governments- to this end we put on events and build support among all these audiences. In general terms we also helped develop the new website and set up digital media communications for the in house team to run. Should you wish to support AMAR you can find them at…..and sign up for the newsletter and regular Insight events that we run. Key speakers include :Christina Lamb Chief Foreign Correspondent Sunday Times, RUSI, Professor Theodore Zeldin, Arabisk and Araby TV and Michael Bochman Musician,Gerard Russell Author and Charlie Winter, Fellow of Kings College.. on various subjects in the Middle East and Iraqpixelstats trackingpixel

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